Ralph Hall not Recommended by The Dallas News

This editorial piece was released May 6th by the Dallas News

Given the 4th Congressional District’s longtime Republican leanings, the GOP primary winner probably will have a lock on the

Ralph Hall, (Photo courtesy of Charles Dharapak / The Associated Press)

November election even with a Democrat on the ballot. So why can’t the GOP find a viable alternative to octogenarian incumbent Rep. Ralph Hall?

Hall, 88, of Rockwall, has done some good things for Texas over the years, but he’s held public office for more than a half century, and his effectiveness has faded. His two primary challengers, Lou Gigliotti , 62, of Wylie, and Steve Clark, 58, of Heath, have troubling legal backgrounds; their stock solutions to the budget deficit, tax reform and the economy promise only to increase Washington gridlock and further gum up the works.

Hall cites his seniority and chairmanship of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology as major political

assets. Yet under his leadership, America’s space program has been steadily defunded and rendered a shell of its former greatness.

This newspaper cannot, in good faith, recommend any of the above. Hall has served in Congress since 1981. His challengers concede that no one works a room better than Hall. But leadership is about more than glad-handing. It’s time for the district to do better.

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