Bill Maher calls Ralph Hall a Snake Handler. Watch the Video

During one of his shows Bill Maher Called Rockwall Texas Republican Congressman Ralph Hall a Snake Handler. Watch the video on   For more information on Ralph Hall, Rockwall Texas and other local Rockwall information keep reading … [Read more...]

Former Rockwall City Council Member Bob Cotti Comments on the Upcoming Bond Election

Several weeks ago a note was posted on the Editorial Page of the Dallas Morning News. That note (from Ed Kominski of Weatherford, TX) rings true today here in Rockwall. It was titled, “What Divides Us?” It reads, “So what’s the most interesting confrontation in America today? Republicans vs. Democrats? Cowboys vs. Redskins? Bulls vs. Bears? Big Oil/ … [Read more...]

The Stanley Cup and Hockey are Tarnished by Vancouver Fans

The Stanley Cup was skated again last night after a  road win by the Boston Bruins. It was an interesting series with the home team dominating each game until the Bruins broke the cycle, and the Vancouver Canucks, in a stunning domination of game seven. As a fan it is a shame to watch your team, a team that dominated all season, loose the Stanley Cu … [Read more...]

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